Three North Shore Players Picked in the 2015 BCJALL Entry Draft

North Shore Lacrosse is proud to announce that (from left to right) Harrison Smith (13th), Aaron Skye (10th) and Liam MacDonald (4th) were picked in the BC Jr. A Lacrosse League 2015 entry draft. We are especially proud because not only is this a record number for North Shore Lacrosse, but the NSMLA had more players picked in the first round than any other association! Congratulations!

Although these players were drafted, they could not have done it without a very strong supporting cast of players, coaches, managers and parents. Thanks to everyone who help these players achieve success.

Liam MacDonald – 4th Overall BCJALL Entry Draft – Delta Islanders

As a 2014 National Gold Medalist in Box and National Silver Medalist in Field, Liam became the highest draft pick in North Shore history going 4th overall to the Delta Islanders. Liam’s incredible speed and agility, his bullet-like shot, commitment to defense, and unselfishness have made him a great player. In Box he has great vision and picks & rolls like players 5 years his senior. In the 2014 National Field Championships, Liam was Team BC’s second leading scorer and has consistently been the top player on all his North Shore teams. We expect him to be a top player with the Islanders.

Aaron Skye – 10th Overall BCJALL Entry Draft – Langley Thunder

Aaron was picked 10th overall to the Langley Thunder due to his ability to keep the ball in his stick in almost any situation and his coachability. These traits have also made him one of the most consistent players on the North Shore. In Box Lacrosse it is almost impossible to stop him from going to the net. His understanding of the game puts him in the right place at the right time where he consistently scores with his signature over the goalie shot. In Field Lacrosse he is an ominous big stick standing 6’2 and 220 lbs and he has the ability to make everyone around him better. Great things are destined for this talented player headed to the Thunder.

Harrison Smith – 13th Overall BCJALL Entry Draft – Delta Islanders

As a 2014 National Gold Medalist in Box, Harrison’s tenacity, unquenchable drive to get better, and intense competitiveness, have made him a stand out player. In Box he is a bull with unparalleled drive giving opponents fits as he drives his way to the net. In Field he has become one of the best big sticks in North Shore history, routinely striping opponents of the ball then transitioning the ball to offense. Harrison has been a key factor in North Shore’s success and his Delta teammates will be lucky to have him.