NSMLA Board Position Descriptions

Board President

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Provides leadership to the Board of Directors.
  3. Chairs meetings of the Board after developing the agenda.
  4. Ensures the Association is adhering to BC Lacrosse Association regulations and guidelines.
  5. Encourages Board’s role in strategic planning.
  6. Helps guide and mediate Board actions with respect to the Association’s priorities and issues confronting the Association.
  7. Monitors financial planning and financial reports.
  8. Plays a leading role in fundraising activities and works with the Treasurer to secure grant funding and Sponsorship Director to secure other funding opportunities.
  9. Informally evaluates the performance and effectiveness of the Board members.
  10. Evaluates annually the performance of the Association in achieving its mission and program provision.
  11. Represents the Association externally, including leagues, governing bodies and member associations, and members etc.
  12. Performs other responsibilities assigned by the Board.

Board Vice President

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Performs President responsibilities when the President cannot be available.
  3. Reports to and works closely with the Board’s President.
  4. Attends BCLA, PCFLL, LMMLA meetings when required.
  5. Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the Board.

Board Director – Assets & Equipment

The Asset and Equipment Director is responsible for maintaining, ordering, and tracking inventory of equipment and apparel. This position is a part-time position. The hours are variable. Primarily nights and weekends. The role supports coaches by providing all the equipment necessary to run effective practices and adhere to federation regulations for official games. The role supports the Board by providing an accurate and up to date inventory of assets and make purchase recommendations to replace old or lost assets. Here is a list of tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Is a member of the Board.
    1. Involves attending meetings usually held evenings or weekend and voting on Board matters.
  2. Manages and maintains equipment for the Association.
    1. Involves making purchasing recommendations and anticipating equipment replacement
    2. Provides pricing and options
    3. Keeps a list of vendors
    4. Makes purchases following Board guidelines
  3. Keeps up to date inventory list.
    1. Tracking inventory in Google Sheets allows the Board to view assets in real time, including quantity and condition of assets
  4. Facilitates use of equipment and shared materials amongst coaches and volunteers.
    1. Availability during evenings and weekends to drop off or pick up equipment
    2. Provides access to equipment in the locker
    3. Maintains cleanliness of the locker
    4. Timely response to requests is vital before practices and games
  5. Ensures that the equipment is clean and in good condition.
    1. Cleaning and/or repairing the equipment yourself is recommended where possible

Board Director – Coach Development

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Maintains current list of coaches and volunteers.
  3. Prior to season commencement, contacts all potential coaches and volunteers to gauge and confirm involvement.
  4. Communicates coach training information, team assignment and other coaching information and program regulations to volunteers.
  5. Promotes the game of lacrosse and promotes sign ups within the Association’s programs. Organizes and delivers try lacrosse events or promotional days with mini tyke / midget days in box and field seasons.

Board Head Referee

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Maintains current list of the Association’s referees.
  3. Coordinates referee scheduling.

Board Registrar

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Is responsible for the proper registration of lacrosse players within the North Shore Minor Lacrosse Association.
  3. Manages the registration of players, which includes ensuring that proper documentation is submitted at the time of registration.
  4. Responds to emails pertaining to the registration process.
  5. Is responsible for maintaining the player database and merging player information with the B.C. Lacrosse Association’s database within a prescribed timeframe.

Board Director – Scheduling & Facilities

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Coordinates and confirms program schedules and facility use.
  3. Stays informed of municipality regulations on facility use.

Board Director – Marketing & Promotions

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Maintains a social media presence for the Association for program promotion, volunteer recruitment and player registration.
  3. Promotes the Association through various mediums (e.g., online, signage, newspaper).

Board Director – Referee Assignment

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Ensures referees are assigned for each game.

Board Director – Risk Management 

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Ensures the Association follows health and safety guidelines.
  3. Acquires, maintains and distributes appropriate first aid materials to coaches and volunteers. Including PPE during the pandemic.
  4. Ensures that all coaches, managers, board members have a current CRC.
  5. Will meet with all teams at start of box season, including parents to promote respect in sport guidelines and appropriate safety behaviour in dressing rooms and in the stands.

Board Director – Team Operations

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Assists team coaches and managers in their operations.
  3. Prior to box season will arrange manager meeting, materials (handbook, game sheets, start up checks for referees). Coordinates the distribution of equipment and uniforms to all box teams all prior to box start up.

Board Director – Sponsorship

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Seeks out, secures, promotes and manages sponsorships and partnerships on behalf of the Association.

Board Squamish Nation Liaison

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Acts as a Liaison between the Squamish Nation and the Association.
  3. Ensures Squamish Nation players are aware of the Sports and Athletics Grant that members can use to offset registration fees. Provides information and assists members with this granting process.

Board Secretary

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Maintains records of the board and ensures effective management of Association’s records.
  3. Drafts and manages meeting agendas and minutes of board meetings.
  4. Upon approval of the President, ensures minutes are distributed to members shortly after each meeting.
  5. Assists with editing and formatting of reports, contact lists and surveys as required.

Board Treasurer

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Manages finances of the Association.
  3. Administrates fiscal matters of the Association, including player refunds.
  4. Provides annual budget to the board for members’ approval.
  5. Ensures development and board review of financial policies and procedures.
  6. Works with the President to secure grant funding.
  7. Stays informed of financial programs and is aware of opportunities to eliminate barriers to player participation. (e.g., KidSport).
  8. Reports current financial status of the Association at every board meeting.

Board Past President

  1. Is a member of the Board.
  2. Helps guide President and Board actions with respect to the Association’s priorities and history.
  3. Passes on all relevant documentation and information required of the current President.
  4. Provides context on historical decision making.